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The bridge over the river Waal, Ewijk, Netherlands © Rob de Koter

Welcome to my new Web Site. I am a professional Web Designer and Photographer.The two fields I specialize in are Web Design with a Web Content Management System and Photography, which consists of Photo Journalism of my travels, and photography of objects of art: paintings, 3-D works and sculptures. I  also produce prints, such as museum quality Giclee prints.  All of my work is digital.

Web Design

In 2001 I graduated in Information Technology at Dirksen in Arnhem, Holland specializing in Web Design.
I established my business as a web designer creating commercial websites. Interested in art, I began developing websites for artists and Art Institutions, for instance for Big Arts on Sanibel Island, Florida.
Since 2010 I connected with Drupal, A Open Source Web Content Management System. This allows the owner of the websites I create to maintain their website, as easy as one can post content to Face Book. Meanwhile I have developed a series well functioning Drupal websites.
For more information and examples of my work view the menu "Websites."


Loading a container in a barge, port of Rotterdam, Netherlands © Rob de koter

In 1986  I graduated from the Dutch “Fotovakschool,” College of  Photography in Holland, majoring in Photo Journalism. My company,“Rob de Koter Nautische Fotografie” Nautical Photography was established.. My work centered on inland shipping. Germany was my primary  location mostly along the Rhine and its tributaries, expanding throughout Europe, and Canada. River Cruise companies, for instance like Vantage Travel and Grand Circle Travel, both based in Boston, became my clients. Photographic Landscapes enriched my portfolio.


My work gained vast recognition, being published in magazines relating to the shipping world and its organizations. I also published two books about inland shipping, Dutch titles: in 1996 Binnenvaart in Beeld and in 1999 Wat Vaart Waar.

Shipping was not my sole ambition so I started a new course. I acquired a digital photo studio, honing my skills in photographing paintings, and three-dimensional objects,  prints- also Giclees. This new venue was confirmed with the change of the  company name to “Rob de Koter Photography”.

A young deer, Babcock Ranch, Punta Gorda, Florida © Rob de Koter

The menu "Photography" should give an idea of my work, both current and former, showing numerous examples.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the site.

In case of questions related to my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.


My two most recent blog posts

Here are the two most recent blog posts, for more posts you can go to the Blog page

A row of high lifeguard chairs at Ocean City's beach © Rob de Koter 2015

Testing my new Microsoft Lumia 640XL

My new smart phone, a microsft Lumia 640XL has a 13Mp camera with Zeiss optics. For me the question is: Is the camera with the Zeiss lens better then the usual Smart phone camera? So it is time to put the camera through the test. I think it is better, actually the camera is remarkably good. Please...Read more

The Snake between the drainpipe and the siding © Rob de Koter

Our Snake is back

Tonight we wanted sit on our deck for a while to enjoy the lower temperature and look at the stars before going to sleep. Unfortunately I had left the lights on. Christina found a snake curled around the drainpipe waiting for the insects that fly to the light. The snake is about 4 to 5 feet long...Read more