Active Websites

Most of these web sites are responsive web sites created with the Drupal Web Content Management System.
If you click on the image or the "read more" link you get to the full description of the site and examples of the presentation for wide screen, normal screen (tablet in landscape format), narrow screen (tablet in portrait format) and for smart-phones.

Christina Jarmolinski's website wide view

Christina Jarmolinski

Launch Date: Wed, 10/12/2005

This is meanwhile the fourth version of Christina Jarmolinski's Website. I created "Buy Now" buttons through PayPal to make it as easy as possible for clients to purchase her Art and Jewelry. The Drupal Web Content Management System allows Christina to publish and maintain her own content...Read more

Erich Schmidt Unterseher's website wide view

Erich Schmidt Unterseher

Launch Date: Wed, 03/08/2006

The web site for the late Professor Erich Schmidt-Unterseher was unique challenge. Erich worked as an artist from the Fifties until the late Eighties. This was the era of black and white photography.

Almost all the material was in black and white, mostly photographed by Erich Schmidt-...Read more wide view

Tom Hafer

Launch Date: Tue, 07/24/2012

Tom P. Hafer, Chaplain of Gulf Coast Village, author of Faith and Fitness, Fitness as a Spiritual Discipline and Aging Grace. Tom also lectures about fitness.
It was important for Tom to have a functioning website with a calendar for his public appearances, a space to publish his weekly...Read more

The Cornershoppe Wide View

The Cornershoppe

Launch Date: Tue, 04/01/2014

This is a fairly uncomplicated website for a small exclusive shop in Snow Hill MD.

The Corner Shoppe specializes in exclusive food and spices and in exclusive food related items like the green egg grill.


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Pat Cleveland

Launch Date: Thu, 09/11/2014

Pat Cleveland's website is a good example of the "Artists Website" I offer.

Since Pat has a problem with her eye sight I made the administrative part of the website plain and simple with large, easy readable font so she is able to edit her own content.

She has a gallery with her...Read more

Driving School Per Tempi's website Wide view

Driving School Per-Tempi

Launch Date: Mon, 02/02/2009

Another success story!
A local Dutch driving school needed a web site to show the students results of their tests and to communicate with its clientele.
With the help of on-line forms young internet users are encouraged to inquire about driving lessons.Read more

SanFit Training's website wide view

SanFit Training

Launch Date: Sat, 07/10/2010

Laura McGowan approached me to design a website to attract clients. Laura delivered the text, I photographed her at her work place- Sanibel Island and then the components for her website were established.
Laura was very pleased with the look of the website and the smoothly functioning...Read more

The Tropical Expressionism website is not responsive

Tropical Expressionism

Launch Date: Tue, 01/13/2009

Christina Jarmolinski asked for a website promoting her art show in 2009 in Act Gallery, Ft. Myers, Fl.
Many of her art collectors wanted to see the newest of her art in Florida.
Tropical Expressionism is her copyright of this term in the art field.
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The "Der Malerhof Galerie" website by Syzygy Design LLC

Gallery "The Malerhof"

Launch Date: Fri, 10/12/2007

This fantastic Gallery Malerhof website was developed to support our Art-gallery in the greater Munich area in Germany.
I wanted to share the atmosphere of this very contemporary gallery in a very old farm house, dated in the early 1800's.
Since then many visitors have ventured into...Read more