In-active Websites

These are websites I had created throughout the years and which are no longer active. Most of these web sites are designed in HTML/PHP. They are not responsive and do not use a WCMS. If you click on the image or the "read more" link you will find a full description of the project and a larger screenshot.

The Syzygy Gallery website by Syzygy Design LLC

Syzygy Gallery

Launch Date: Fri, 03/13/2009

Christina Jarmolinski and I were partner owners of this contemporary gallery of modern art in Fort Myers, Florida.
We had guest artists showing on a monthly basis, which were additionally presented on the Gallery website.
Christina and I occupied part of the gallery for our art. The...Read more

Whalewatching Cory opening page English.

Whalewatching Cory

Launch Date: Mon, 01/05/2004

The website for "Whale Watching Cory" in St Andrews by the sea in New Brunswick Canada was launched in 2004. This site was not responsive, since it did not exist in 2004.

This site was written in 4 languages, English, French German and Dutch.

The site was taken off-line after the...Read more

De Muurkrant by Rob de Koter

De Muurkrant

Launch Date: Wed, 08/30/2006

"De Muurkrant" was a virtual newspaper for Dutch speaking immigrants in Atlantic Canada.

It served Dutch immigrants throughout New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

I established this paper, which ran for a good while. Later I moved to the USA and handed over the...Read more

Christ Lutheran Ministries by Rob de Koter

Christ Lutheran Ministries

Launch Date: Sun, 08/03/2008

I attended the Lutheran Church in Cape Coral, Florida and constructed a website for the church. The church moved and another member maintains the website.Read more

Wohnen in New Brunswick by Rob de koter

Wohnen in New Brunswick

Launch Date: Mon, 10/01/2007

This was a bi-lingual Web site. It's purpose was to attract German and Dutch speaking Europeans into relocating to New Brunswick, Canada for specific jobs like trucking.

This site was in two languages, German and Dutch.Read more

Monikas bed and Breakfast by Rob de Koter

Monikas bed and Breakfast

Launch Date: Mon, 05/10/2004

This was a simple website to promote a bed and breakfast.

Also this site was in 4 languages, English, French German and Dutch.Read more

Move to Florida by Rob de koter

Move to Florida

Launch Date: Tue, 12/02/2008

This bi-lingual Web Site was designed to promote the purchase of a second home in South West Florida.

This site was in German and English.Read more

Aigner Realtors,Augsburg, Germany

Aigner Heim

Launch Date: Tue, 07/11/2006

This was the website for Uli Aigner, a realtor in Augsburg Germany.

The site was launched in 2007 and had a system of managing listings and the possibility to print and save them as PDF files.

This website was in German.

 Read more

Canada Holland Remembers by Rob de Koter

Canada Holland Remembers

Launch Date: Fri, 10/01/2004

For the celebration of 60 years liberation of the Netherlands by the Canadian forces I created a website to support the event.

The website gave all necessary information about the upcoming events and during the celebration I kept the site up to date with stories and photo's of all events...Read more

Bug-Busters © Rob de Koter

Bug Busters

Launch Date: Mon, 05/22/2000

This website offered different IT services to the general publican as well as to businesses.

My fellow IT students and I were offing these services.

After I graduated I took the site down and went my own way.Read more