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Why doesn't my site show up in Google on my smart phone

Last Tuesday Google made some changes in Google’s mobile search affecting websites that are not mobile friendly. Websites that are not mobile device friendly will not show up anymore on the first page of the search results. It is assumed that about 40% of all websites are affected. Because of the...Read more

The set-up and some thoughts about a multisite Drupal 7 installation part 2

This a follow up on the first post about this subject from July 7 this year. I have the multi site on one core Drupal 7 installation running for about 3 months now. Time to see how it all played out. Until now I had no serious problems but some things are a bit tricky. Robots.txt: In the multi site...Read more

The set-up and some thoughts about a multisite Drupal 7 installation.

A multi site on one core base installation has several advantages, for example: Easier maintenance. A quick way to set-up multiple sites with the same basic features. And what ever other reason you might have. The set-up First, download Drupal 7 and upload it to your web server or shared hosting as...Read more

Unfriend app and strange links

This evening I had to make some changes to a website and noticed something strange in my browser, the site had links in the text I had not put in there. For example this was added to the word complete in the code "<nobr><a id="FALINK_1_0_0" class="FAtxtL" href="#">complete</a>...Read more

How to incorporate a YouTube movie

This is how you incorporate a YouTube movieRead more

The State of Social Media 2012

I got this Social Media Infographic through Makeuseof, it is produced by Nowsourcing and the SEO Company. Click on the image to see it in its original size on the SEO Companies website The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO CompanyRead more

My new Website

My new Website is On-line! I will be adding more pictures and text. This website uses Drupal 7, one of the most secure Web Content Management Systems. I can easily add pictures from my archives as well as add new work. Keep coming back there is always something new to see :-) I will be adding links...Read more