The Process

Your Web Site is you company’s business card on the internet. Therefore I create designs in close cooperation with my clients.

I start by taking an inventory of your wishes and needs for company. This can be executed in person or through e-mail, telephone or instant messaging.

It is necessary to gather materials such as folders, photos, texts, letterheads and business cards and start designing your Web Site. If no corporate identity is available I can start from scratch designing your Web Site, letterheads and business cards. I will also create Word and E-mail templates, business cards and more in cohesive look to your new “corporate identity”.

Upon completion of the preliminaries  through your provided information and materials, I can begin with a basic design. Your approval is necessary to continue with the design. Alterations can be made at any time. After your final approval, the web site can be published on the internet. The diverse templates and files needed for printing your stationary for instance, will be e-mailed to your office.

Part of this process is instructing you and your staff in the use of the Web Site.