Social Media

Today Social Media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others are important marketing tools.

  • A Face - book page draws attention to you, your company, website and your products. Liking your Facebook page spreads the word to others, for your company new people.
  • A Google+ page puts you literary on the map.
  • Twitter is the platform for quick short messages to a variety of people.
  • Linked-in is the professional network allowing you to connect to other professionals.

These and other Social Media can be connected to your Web Site and play an important role in your marketing strategy and in the interaction with your (potential) clients.

This works in two ways:

  • "Like" and "Share" buttons encourage your visitors to share your content with their friends"
  • "Find me on the web" or "follow me" buttons encourages visitors to follow your Face Book, Twitter or other pages.

I can help you create the various social media accounts required for your business.